An attempt to replicate the Prometheus Ship landing using only Evee. The frames rendered in around 15 seconds each. Using Cycles for the smoke would have taken over 5 minutes for each frame to recreate the same smoothness. The sun bloom was enabled with a sphere emitter.Read More →

Here is a method using the “Dynamic Paint” & “Mask” modifiers to only use the parts of an object that are in the camera view. For instance, if you are doing a close-up render of a 2 million vertices Dinosaur showing just the face area, Blender will calculate ALL the vertices during the render taking up vast amounts of time and memory (VRAM). The modifiers trick shown in the video reduces the number of vertices to those shown in the camera view (for any given frame). This can dramatically reduce the amount of time and VRAM, depending on how dense the model is, and howRead More →